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There’s a NEW Right Way to Setup Your Community’s Facebook Account

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Do you know who within your organization is the administrator for your Facebook account? Could it be an outside party? Could the administrator of your Facebook account be a former employee? Is there a Business Manager account set up to securely share access with multiple individuals and manage your ads account? If you’re having to ask these questions, then its time to gain control of your Facebook account to protect this important digital asset, your brand and your community’s advertising efforts.

The first place to start is creation of Facebook Business Manager. This tool negates the need for managing Facebook pages from a personal account and provides a portal for communities to effectively manage access levels, including team members and advertising agencies.  Facebook Business Manager allows for the management of multiple Facebook Pages in instances where different living options or campuses have their own pages, as well as provides a single location for managing Facebook Ads and business assets.

If your senior living community is working with a digital advertising partner, its a best practice to grant them access through Business Manager. From one central location, you can monitor your contracted partner’s advertising and posting performance without running the risk that your business assets will be accidently, or mistakenly, altered. And if the relationship with your advertising partner or a team member comes to a close, it’s very easy as owner of your Facebook Business Manager to revoke access to an individual or agency.

“Accessing our communities’ accounts through Business Manager is considered win/win for both the client and our agency,” explained Angela Thompson, Senior Digital Account Manager at Solutions Advisors Group. “First, the client should be the only party in complete control of their Facebook account – particularly for Ads and accessibility reasons. Secondly, if we were to own our client Facebook accounts within our agency account, there’s a greater risk for unintended complications with multiple client accounts in a single location.”

“And lastly, at Solutions Advisors, we work with many blue-sky communities. When they reach full occupancy and have the personnel required to manage their own social media efforts, it’s an easy hand-off from Solutions Advisors to the community team, all the while keeping  their historical digital data intact,” she continued.

And that last piece of information may be the most important reason for establishing a Facebook Business Manager account for senior living communities. By setting up this important tool, communities retain full control of their Facebook accounts, including any historical data related to ad campaigns run in the past, performance, click spend and audience information. This securely keeps the community in the driver’s seat for all future Facebook endeavors.