Strategic Marketing

Become a standout senior living brand in your market.

How do you truly differentiate your community from the rest? You begin with insightful market research and cultural assessments to advise you of your strengths, challenges and opportunities – and later, recommendations on all the ways you can succeed. Building on a unique approach to sales, our marketing team studies, observes and asks questions. And borrowing insights from noted geriatric psychologist David Solie, author of How To Say It To Seniors, on older adults’ unique developmental drivers, Solutions Advisors utilizes different language, phrases, vocabulary and communication methods to help minimize generational conflict and influence the decision-making process.

We identify your key selling points, learn ways to improve lead generation and guide you on ways to help jump-start sales. Together, we create a strategic marketing plan custom-tailored for your community. Our marketing approach has helped communities across the country overcome hurdles, break through the competition clutter and achieve measurable results.