Tammy Foltz


Tammy brings over 16 years of experience in senior living sales and marketing. She has spent ample time in the entry fee division as the Director of Marketing and Sales for large CCRC’s, including a stint with LCS. She has also performed in a regional capacity for communities in the Midwest covering a portfolio within 7 states.

During her time prior to joining Solutions Advisors Group, she has taken pride in leading sales and marketing teams, fostering professional relationships and accelerating occupancy growth. Tammy is an advocate for making a difference in the lives of seniors by informing and educating them on lifestyle options. She has been instrumental in mentoring and consulting sales teams by empowering them with creative techniques and tools for success. She enjoys making a significant impact as a leader and performing hands on with a team.

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Tammy After Hours...

When Tammy is not working, she enjoys spending quality time with her family (including her furry family of five pets), exploring new recipes, and watching action movies. She also enjoys a relaxing day on the water, either fishing, boating or both.