Rebecca Dambach

Digital Project Manager

Rebecca joins Solutions Advisors Group with 10+ years of project management experience and a background in medical marketing, analytics, and HIPPA laws. Prior to working for SAG, she worked for a private practice in Metro Atlanta as the Head of Medical Records and Marketing Manager. With all that experience, Rebecca learned the importance of concise marketing strategies between clients and their target audience and also that analytics can tell you a lot about how a campaign is working..


Bachelor of Arts, History, University of North Georgia
Bachelor of Arts, English Literature, University of North Georgia
Grant Writing Certification, University of Georgia

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Rebecca After Hours...

Rebecca is originally from Santa Cruz, California, but has lived in the Metro Atlanta area for the last 13 years. In her free time, she enjoys going on adventures with her husband, Justin, and her son, Oliver. She also has a love for photography, travel, and reading.