Kelly Gouker

Digital Marketing Specialist

Kelly Gouker is a seasoned marketing professional with over 15 years of experience. Prior to Solutions Advisors Group, she worked in Long-Term Care Healthcare Consulting. It was there she was able to sharpen her skills by maintaining a company website, creating and implementing an e-commerce site, along with creating email marketing campaigns and editing all content for virtual trainings, seminars and procedural manuals for SNFs and ALFs.

Kelly has a passion to look for new ways to improve herself, both personally and professionally. Kelly has a keen eye for attention to detail, loves learning new things and challenging herself. She believes that through open communication and teamwork, anything is possible!

Bachelor of Arts, Mass Communications, University of South Florida
Top Five Strengthfinder’s Themes: Responsibility, Input, Restorative, Individualization & Developer

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Kelly Gouker's personal selfie.

Kelly After Hours...

In Kelly’s free time, she loves to read, go to concerts and hockey games (Tampa Bay Lightning) and is extremely competitive, especially when it comes to trivia! She loves playing trivia games and loves to compete in trivia competitions. When Kelly isn’t reading or learning new fun facts, she spends time at home with her boyfriend and their 2 cats, Anubis and Osiris. They love to watch movies, true crime documentaries, spend time outside tending to their growing garden and citrus trees or take a boat on the lake to relax.