Jayme Tingirides

Account Manager

As a seasoned marketing professional with over 15 years of dedicated experience, Jayme Tingirides brings a proven track record of helping clients achieve and surpass their marketing objectives. Jayme specializes in crafting marketing initiatives that drive brand awareness, engagement, and revenue growth. Her expertise spans various industries, providing her with a versatile perspective to tackle diverse challenges.

Throughout her career, as both a Project/Campaign Manager and Marketing Director, Jayme has spearheaded award-winning campaigns, orchestrated successful co-brand partnerships, and restructured marketing teams for increased efficiency. Her knack for problem-solving and result-driven focus enables her to navigate projects with strategic precision, yielding optimal outcomes while minimizing obstacles.

Bachelor of Business Administration: International Business

Bachelor of Business Administration: Business Management, Focus on Marketing & Economics

Top Five Strengthfinder’s Themes: Strategic, Individualization, Woo, Communication, Self-Assurance

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Jayme After Hours...

Outside of work, Jayme thrives on quality time with loved ones, relishing moments spent with friends and family. Her blissful escape involves sandy beaches and tranquil boat rides, where she finds peace and rejuvenation. As a passionate explorer, Jayme embraces the opportunity to immerse herself in diverse cultures and explore the perspectives and stories of others. Fitness and running serve as anchors in her routine, energizing her for the discovery of new environments and experiences.