Aline Dudash

Production Manager

Aline brings more than 25 years of experience in Graphic Arts, Printing and Advertising with an emphasis on Direct Mail. Her years of working for the country’s oldest financial printer taught her the value of “World Class Service” and the importance of remaining calm while collaborating with stressed-out attorneys on many a late-night IPO. As owner of a Dallas commercial printing company, she taught herself to run a press, knowing that, in a pinch, customers would be taken care of. Her business sense, keen ability to negotiate and prioritize and her passion for learning continually shape and sharpen her skills and enhance her thirst for keeping current with industry trends.

She has enjoyed working for advertising agencies and clients ranging in size from Fortune 500 to mom and pop businesses, to local music bands. Clients have included Aetna, CVS, KeyBank, JC Penny, Pepsi, Frito-Lay, Pizza Hut, Chili’s, Hilton, The Arizona Cardinals, Comcast and New Mexico Department of Tourism to name a few.

After moving to Richmond from Dallas in 2013, Aline worked for Capital One as a Production Manager before venturing out as a freelancer, combining her love for graphic design and ink on paper.

Mailpiece Quality Control Specialist

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Aline After Hours...

As a self-taught musician, Aline loves to learn new songs and riffs, either on her drums or guitar. She also loves golf, reading and cooking and believes that music and food are great ways to bring people together. An avid Browns fan, Aline hopes to one day see her home team go to the Superbowl.