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People age. Passions do not.

While perusing book cases with a prospect during a model tour, the sales counselor asked the woman, “What was the last good book you read?” The 86-year-old’s response: “Gone Girl,” an intense thriller that later became a movie. The sales counselor was shocked – indeed, he, more than 40 years younger, also enjoyed the same genre. But it quickly registered that just because we age doesn’t mean we give up our passions and interests. And her comment made him realize that, he, too, would be reading the same genre decades from now.

The sales counselor asked if she had ever read “The Girl on the Train,” a similar title. She hadn’t, so he promised her a copy and delivered the book at a follow-up home visit. He said he’d check in each week to hear her progress – but no need, because she finished the book in only four days. By asking the right questions at the right time, the sales counselor and prospect connected over shared, genuine passions and he secured a follow-up home visit – a key step to unlocking the pathway to a sale.

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