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Love of Reading Turns Prospect into Open Book

Despite moving into and out of skilled nursing homes nearly a dozen times in recent years due to falls, a woman kept returning to her house after every recovery. Upon her latest tumble, a sales counselor visited the woman to understand why she refused to move to a community that could provide the support and services she needed. Upon entering, the sales counselor instantly took notice of the number of books on a nearby table. The prospect explained that she loved reading and was in the community so often that the bookmobile would come by each time to let her check out titles.

A conversation about her love of reading turned to the story of her life: growing up in Washington, D.C. Hearing air raid sirens during World War II. Hungering for a college education, but forced to stay home and care for the family. Encouraging her daughter to study chemistry when her child wanted to learn dance…and later joined The Rockettes. The sales person also learned her biggest regrets, and during nearly two hours of conversation noticed the prospect had circled a particular book in the newspaper. He later purchased the book and gave it to the prospect as a gift. She was humbled by the gesture, and the sales rep realized that it was the woman’s love of reading that allowed him to establish trust and discover her story.

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