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Why SEO Matters to Your Senior Living Community

By Dianna Leyton, Digital Strategist

As a senior living professional in today’s digital age, you already know how critical your website is to your community’s success. Having an online presence matters, but what matters more is converting website visitors into inquiries. High performing communities generally see at least 40% of initial inquiries originating from their website. How do they accomplish this? Part of the answer lies in SEO.

Let’s get started by reviewing some of the basics of SEO:

What is SEO?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing practice that can improve the volume and quality of your website traffic. This can be accomplished in several ways including keyword research, content development, technical website adjustments and more to help websites gain higher visibility on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Although only one piece of the overall marketing strategy, SEO is generally one of the most effective ways to bring in qualified web inquiries.

Why does SEO matters and how can it help generate more online inquiries?
When it comes to researching options for any major life decision like senior living, many begin their journey on a search engine, such as Google. The popularity of search engines is why organic search traffic is generally the primary source of website traffic. But, content also plays a major role in how your website will rank and appear as a search result.

How is SEO and website content related?
Creating valuable content and a great user experience is key to a great SEO strategy. This means developing valuable content that is easily accessible with a short path to discovery and fewer clicks. This can keep website visitors engaged and can signal to the search engine that you are a high-quality website, which can lead to more website visitors over time.

What is the likely result of a successful SEO strategy?
If you’re executing a well-developed SEO strategy, you will likely notice a greater influx of website visitors who are taking more desired actions on your website. These actions, or digital conversions, include submitting contact forms, calling your community or initiating a live chat conversation with a sales team member. This can increase your inquiry to tour ratio.

What else can you do for a great SEO strategy?
Your SEO strategy should include updating your local business profiles such as Google My Business, Yelp and Yellow Pages so information is complete and consistent across all directories. Updating these profiles not only makes you more visible in local searches, but it can also ensure that people are accessing the most up-to-date information.

In addition to updating your local business profiles, online reviews that live within these directories should be given extra attention.  Now more than ever, prospects and influencers are looking at these online reviews to help them determine the best senior living communities in the area.

Understanding how SEO works and how to implement a smart digital marketing strategy to grow your senior living community may seem overwhelming. A great place to start is through a website assessment with a team of digital marketing experts. The SA digital team has helped many senior living communities with personalized website assessments. The assessments help identify gaps and areas for improvement in SEO strategy and other areas of digital marketing.

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