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Could your sales and marketing use a tune up?

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Senior living community failures don’t happen suddenly, rather, there’s usually a gradual slide into complacency that leads to eroding occupancy.  Solutions Advisors offers a sales and marketing assessment that can help get your sales back on track and motivate the team to succeed and jump start your marketing efforts. A sales and marketing assessment is a useful diagnostic tool and a way to tune up your sales and marketing systems.

From a Sales Perspective:
Solutions Advisors’ experienced sales consultants look behind the scenes and dig into your database to examine key indicators to determine where sales performance needs to improve.  From these key indicators, we find areas that need focus, for example:

  • Is the team spending enough time in the selling zone?
  • Are you getting enough qualified leads?
  • Are repeat tours exceeding initial tours?

The assessment looks at how your community stacks up against your closest competitors from a product, service and pricing standpoint.  Mystery shops assess sales effectiveness: what areas need improvement? Is the sales person doing adequate discovery or simply ‘feature dumping?” Are they advancing the sale to the next phase?

From a Marketing Perspective
A review of your marketing budget determines whether marketing dollars can be spent more effectively. A technical and qualitative analysis of your website demonstrates how well your digital marketing strategies are performing.  A critique of collateral and promotional materials looks at whether your brand is communicated clearly and consistently.

At Solutions Advisors we approach each assessment differently based on the unique challenges of your community. We hone messaging to more accurately target your customer and help position or reposition your community for success.  Would you like to identify potential areas of opportunity for improved occupancy? Learn how a sales and marketing assessment can help your community. Call Solutions Advisors at 888-312-0889.