The 7 Must-Have Marketing Initiatives for 2017

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2016 is wrapping up. Communities across the country are assessing their performance for the year to help establish their future goals, budgets and tactics. As you consider what marketing initiatives you will fulfill next year, we have identified our top seven “must-have” ideas that we have implemented successfully with clients regarding messaging, branding and lead generation to ultimately improve occupancy. Read more for a few ideas>>

Did you miss Legacy Learning at Leading Age last month?
If you missed our Legacy Learning speaking presentation last month at Leading Age in Indianapolis, you’re in luck! We have the full presentation on our website for you to see highlights of the learning session. Thank you to all who came! What did you learn? Any questions? Read More>>

Pre-sales for expansion at Immanuel Lutheran Communities beats budgeted timeframe!
Through onsite sales training and marketing planning assistance, as well as the development of all lead generation and collateral material, 34 of the 36 reservation deposits have been secured for 94% pre-sold in less than 5 months! Read More>>

Check out this unique tool to use with your prospects and family members!
StoryCorps is an incredible free app for your phone that allows you to interview people to learn their stories and legacy. All stories are preserved in the digital archives at the Library of Congress. The non-profit’s only goal is to connect people through stories and increase tolerance and acceptance, as well as to give people an outlet to share their legacy. Read More>>

Cheeseburgers for Seniors and other thoughts about Adult Child Influencers
Cheeseburgers for Seniors – A Guide for Boomers and Their Parents, by John D. Graham, is just one of many self-help books available offering advice to adult children dealing with elderly parents. As the boomer generation ages, it finds itself increasingly faced with the question of how much to ‘interfere’ with their aging parents’ choices. Read More>>