Special holiday memories from Solutions Advisors

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No matter how or when you celebrate, the holidays hold special meaning and memories for many of us. At Solutions Advisors, we wanted to share a few of our favorite moments and traditions that make the holiday season magical.

Opening one present on Christmas Eve and having a contest with my sisters determining who had opened the best present and “won.” – Kristin

Growing up celebrating Christmas Eve with my family at our favorite Chinese restaurant. – Lauren

My mom loved to volunteer at the local hospital, so it was quite common at the holidays to have her “disappear” and return with someone from the hospital that had no family and have them join us for dinner. – Matt

One of my favorite things to do during the holiday season is to drive up to the mountains and see the Ice Castles. My husband and I drive up late morning, go snowshoeing packing a light lunch (PB&J is a popular one). That evening we go out for an early dinner and head to the wondrous Ice Castles. – Gisela

Every year my family draws a name for a gift exchange. This year, to encourage spending time together, we also chose a partner to shop with. With the hectic pace of life, this is a unique way to spend time together. – Shannon

In the spirit of giving, my family will venture out on Christmas Eve and each one of us gives a gift to a stranger. It’s our favorite holiday family tradition. – Daphne

Growing up in a family that served, our holiday tradition was to decorate the tree near my father’s birthday, Pearl Harbor Day and around the annual Army v. Navy football game. For my brother and me, this tradition has made the holidays all about remembrance and service to the community.- Marna

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is helping my dad cook Christmas dinner. As a professional chef, he doesn’t usually like people helping him in the kitchen, however for some reason, I work as his ‘sous chef’ quite well. – Charlotte

We have a tradition of collecting Christmas ornaments on every family vacation. Decorating the tree each year we are able to tell stories and walk down our vacation memory lane.-Celia

Solutions Advisors wishes you and your families a holiday season filled with peace, joy and laughter!

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