New LA community has achieved yet another milestone – 49 move-ins in one month!

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Already on record as the quickest timeframe for attaining 70% pre-sales in the state of California (verified by Cain Brothers), Fountainview at Gonda Westside in west Los Angeles has achieved yet another milestone: 49 move-ins in one month! Read More>>

Leverage your existing content marketing to target the adult child
In a survey conducted by that included adult children, relatives, spouses and prospects, 73% of respondents reported that adult children were involved with senior housing decisions regardless of service level. When the adult child influenced the decision, the move-in rate was 3 times greater than if the decision-maker was only the prospect. Read More>>

We “pinned the tail on the donkey” to become better leaders
As sales leaders and coaches, we are driven to seek out the best performers and to intentionally build stronger teams, which was the focus of our company’s semi-annual meeting last month. Guided by Aspire, a national leadership development group, we participated in games like “pin the tail on the donkey” to learn that leadership and communication are hard work. Read More>>

What we’re reading – “Driving Mr. Yogi”
Even if baseball’s not your passion, “Driving Mr. Yogi,” about a lasting friendship between legendary catcher Yogi Berra and former Yankee pitcher Ron Guidry, will capture your imagination and make you laugh out loud. Read More>>

In case you missed it – Cosmetic companies embrace aging but is it helpful?
While cosmetic companies and fashion houses feature women over 65 in a positive light, a social research study shows most people still think negatively about aging. 
Read More>>

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