Can a Rubber Chicken Help Increase Sales?

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A true example of Creative Follow Up

A prospect considering a move to a new community complained to the sales
counselor that all they served in the dining room of her current community was
“rubber chicken”. Sensing an opportunity for Creative Follow Up, the sales
counselor sent the prospect a dinner invitation and arranged with the chef to
serve a real ‘rubber chicken’ at dinner. When the lid of the tray was removed
and the rubber chicken revealed, the prospect had a good laugh and vowed to
take the fake chicken with her to show all her friends. Of course, the rubber
chicken was replaced with a delicious entrée, the prospect had a dinner she
won’t soon forget, and a special relationship was forged thanks to the sales
person’s initiative and Creative Follow Up.

What is Creative Follow Up and why is it important?

Creative Follow Up refers to formulating an individualized sales strategy for each key prospect and implementing a variety of relentless and personalized tactics to build trust and rapport, facilitate additional face-to-face contacts and advance the prospect through stages of readiness.

To be effective, Creative Follow Up must be unexpected, significant and personalized. Certainly the rubber chicken was unexpected, it proved that the sales counselor listened and understood, important to a prospect, their values and aspirations. Many prospects will decide whether and where to move based on their feelings toward the sales person. That relationship will not happen without effort. The burden for creating trust is on you. Creative follow up allows you to proactively demonstrate that you understand, you hear them, you are an expert, and most importantly, that you care.

As we’ve all experienced, the number of contacts to make a sale has doubled in the past several years. The typical sales counselor often struggles with reasons to make that next contact. Proper discovery gives you the tools to identify the objectives and interests of the prospect which can then be used to formulate Creative Follow Up ideas. Plus, Creative Follow Up is fun and motivating and has proven to shorten the sales cycle by as much as 50 percent.

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