A Few of Our Favorite Things

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No matter how or when you celebrate, the holidays hold special meaning and memories for many of us. At Solutions Advisors and Retiring by Design, we wanted to share a few of our favorite things about the holiday season along.

Opening presents on Christmas Eve – the rule was you could only open one but I would always negotiate and get to open two!
– Kristin

My favorite things involve all of the senses: seeing beautiful decorations, hearing holiday music and smelling and tasting seasonal treats like snicker doodles!
– Paula

I love the abundance of treats and parties that help keep everyone joyful!
– Amanda

Eating macaroni and cheese to my heart’s content without feeling guilty.
– Lauren

Remembering how I used to wake up my parents early on Christmas morning by playing Jingle Bells (badly!) on the clarinet.
– Patti

Making blueberry pancakes and sitting around all morning in my pajamas!
– Polly

Watching the joy of children during the holidays – it brings me back to my youth when I had those same magical feelings!
– Paul

The tree – the bigger the better! One year the tree was so large it took over the living room and became like a member of the family. We still laugh about that one!
– Michael

Experiencing the magic of the season through the eyes of my children. They make me believe in Santa Claus all over again!
– Courtney

When the kids were younger, setting up cookies and packages to make it look like Santa had visited.
– John

The annual trip to Busch Garden’s Christmastown. The kids think it’s a magical winterland – even though we’re in Virginia and 4,242 miles from the North Pole!
– Jeff

I just love the excitement our kids have when they run downstairs to wake us up, so they can open presents.
– Kevin

Wishing You All the Peace and Joy of the Holiday Season!

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