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Meet Mike Brindley – our expert Vice President with a passion for story-telling and colorful socks!

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Mike brings more than 23 years’ experience in operations, sales and marketing. He joined Solutions Advisors in 2013 after having served as Regional Director of Operations for both Sunrise Senior Living and Holiday Retirement, two giants of the senior living industry. Mike works with clients across the country to imbue a sales culture throughout the organization, from leadership to line staff, not just to increase occupancy but also to instill a greater sense of enthusiasm, pride and achievement. Mike works collaboratively with the sales team, helping them become more strategic in the sales process while at the same time inspiring them to learn about prospects through their stories and to develop meaningful and creative follow up. Most recently Mike has helped Concordia Life Care Community achieve remarkable success in just a short time through coaching and collaboration.

Mike is known for many things: his love for his family, attending Notre Dame sporting events with his son and brother, his zany sense of humor, his willingness to hop on a plane on short notice, but mostly for his colorful sock collection!