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Meet the Digital Team Behind Our Award-Winning Websites

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Creativity without functionality is a dead-end as far as websites go. The Solutions Advisor’s digital team works side-by-side with our account management team, graphic designers, copywriters and web developers to turn creative ideas into websites that not only engage and excite, but convert visitors to leads.

Our team of digital experts understands the back side of digital programming, knows what makes a website ‘sticky’ and makes the complex and ever-changing world of Google rankings and search engine optimization easier to comprehend.  Behind the scenes are bewildering terms like meta descriptions, 301 redirects, anchor text and alt tags; but what the user sees is a clean, engaging and easily navigable website with useful information and compelling calls to action that makes them want to ‘turn the page’ and take the next step towards making a connection with the community.

Jeff Felton, Director of Marketing Services, has over 20 years’ experience in traditional and interactive production management whose primary focus is implementing digital strategies for clients.  Kimber Karn, Digital Project Coordinator, brings her disciplined, even-tempered approach to the technical side of digital strategies; while Emily Fox, the newest addition to the team, brings both web content, design and social media expertise to website development.  No doubt their digital expertise, along with Solutions Advisors’ creative and strategic marketing teams, will fill the trophy case with more website awards.