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Improved conversion rates result in increased move-ins

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At two Mid-West communities, increased conversion ratios resulted in more move-ins. At Wesley Willows in Rockford, Illinois where Solutions Advisors has provided sales and marketing consulting since March 2016, the inquiry to move-in conversion ratio increased from 12% to 15% resulting in 52 total move-ins for 2016, ten more than the prior year’s total. At Peterson Meadows, Wesley Willow’s sister community, the inquiry to move-in conversion rate doubled, from 3.5% to 7%, resulting in 11 move-ins the first quarter of 2016, surpassing the total number of move-ins for all of 2015.

The inquiry to move-in ratio is an indicator of both the quality of leads generated as well as follow up strategies. Good communities should be able to achieve an inquiry to move-in ratio of 6% or higher.  Often this ratio can be improved with creative follow up strategies as well as with prospect-centered selling which focuses on the individual prospect’s stage of readiness.