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How to Evaluate Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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Through well thought out senior living marketing strategies, communities have taken control of digital efforts by executing tactics that will drive more traffic to their websites. An increase in website traffic then presents an opportunity to further engage the prospect with relevant, concise content and clear calls-to-action. The result is a boost in online conversions that leads to sales and increased occupancy rates. How can this be accomplished?

Let’s review some digital best practices and senior living marketing strategies that have brought success to our communities and client communities:

1. Website Design: build a site that will convert and generate leads and reflect your mission, vision, unique levels of care and programming through quality, mobile-friendly designs.

2. SEO Services: through strategic SEO solutions, your website will be easy for both users and search engine robots to find and understand your site and optimize your results.

3. Social Media Management: create a profile that shows family members and prospective residents that you care by using meaningful and useful content. Social media strategy includes the combination of data, SEO and creativity.

4. Blog Content Management: share meaningful content and position yourself as an expert or thought leader in senior care. By developing consistent, helpful content, you are providing an additional opportunity to connect with families and prospects and increase chances of ranking for targeted keywords.

5. Digital Paid Advertising: reduce spend on third-party directory sites and use a paid advertising campaign with relevant, high-quality ads to attract qualified leads.

6. Email Marketing Strategy: stay connected and drive action through your enewsletter or other email communications. When a prospect or family member signs up to receive emails from your community, engage them with short, impactful content that is targeted and helpful. Do not try to sell!

Start Small and Scale for the Future

We understand the business challenges that senior living communities face and change doesn’t have to happen overnight. Small steps, with testing along the way, can help you move forward and expand your website content and strategy as you begin to see results and feel comfortable.

Take Control of Your Digital Marketing

We work closely with our communities and clients to develop and execute digital strategies that engage emotion and rational thinking for decision-making. Let us help you attract, engage and show prospective residents and family members that you care while highlighting your community’s mission, vision, values and core differentiators. Contact us today.