Case Study

Vinson Hall

Non-profit CCRC | McLean, Virginia

Solutions Advisors was responsible for providing sales assistance for Vinson Hall’s 75-apartment expansion and for ongoing sales of existing independent living units. The initial timeframe established for the expansion included a 7-month priority deposit phase with a goal of 53 deposits followed by a 12-month reservation deposit phase to reach the 70% pre-sales goal needed to begin construction. The total reservation deposit phase was forecast to last 21 months and to reach a stabilized 95% pre-sales goal. The expansion was 100% pre-sold in less than 11 months from the end of the priority deposit phase, which lasted 10 months due to design delays.

When Solutions Advisors began work with Vinson Hall in June 2010, the existing independent living units were 93% occupied and reserved. At the end of the consulting contract, the independent living portion of the existing community was 100% occupied and reserved and the expansion 100% pre-sold.

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