Case Study

Invitations With Envelopes Attract Attention

Full-Service Retirement Community | The Davis Community | Wilmington, North Carolina

The Davis Community, a community in Wilmington, North Carolina with all levels of care, wanted to invite prospects as well as local residents to an on-campus Spring Block Party to help introduce their new independent living cottage and apartment homes. Since the start of their 3-year expansion and partnership with Solutions Advisors Group, The Davis Community has had many events and has used a variety of mailers to engage prospects. The invitations designed to use an outer envelope, however, seemed to attract the most attention.

When the community didn’t have space on campus to meet, the sales team found a local country club where a series of lunch-and-learns could be held called ‘Davis LIVE’. To invite guests, a 5 x 7 inch folded invitation was created and printed on cardstock. Then, it was mailed in a bright yellow envelope receivers couldn’t miss! 11,500 were sent out and The Davis Community had so many RSVPs (more than 150!) they had to offer private tours to two dozen prospects in lieu of lunch in the weeks leading up to the luncheon. Not a bad problem to have! In the end, the sales team took 22 deposits on the community’s blue-sky cottages and apartments as a result of the direct mailer.

Encouraged by the results of the ‘Davis LIVE’ mailer, The Davis Community and Solutions Advisors Group designed a similar invitation for the 2022 Spring Block Party. The goal of this piece was to invite a qualified purchase list to the community for a fun event that included beer trucks, farm stands, live music and information about life at The Davis Community. Because paper prices and shortages were causing envelope issues, Solutions Advisors Group’s creative graphic designers created an envelope design that could print on a plain white envelope – making it look colored when it wasn’t! The Davis Community was able to generate tremendous interest in their Spring Block Party event. 16,000 pieces were mailed out and in the first week they received 98 RSVPs.

While an invitation with an envelope might not always make sense – small quantities or really large quantities – the design worked perfectly with the mix of mailers The Davis Community had previously used. If you need assistance with your community’s direct mail or event strategy, contact Solutions Advisors Group today!

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