Case Study

Your Website Can Look Good While Serving Many Purposes

Non-profit Organization | Lutheran Social Ministries of New Jersey | Burlington, New Jersey

With a ministry focused on serving those who hurt, who are in need, or who have limited choices, Lutheran Social Ministries of New Jersey (LSMNJ) offers a broad array of services throughout the state in support of their mission. However, with services ranging from adoption, affordable housing, hospice, food pantries, disaster relief, immigration legal services, senior housing and more, communicating and promoting these services from a digital standpoint proved an overwhelming challenge for the organization.

LSMNJ engaged Solutions Advisors to identify core messaging and develop a corporate-level website to communicate their mission along with design and development of individual websites for their three senior living communities.

With a major emphasis on the user experience, Solutions Advisors developed a website around the core foundation of the organization: responding to the diverse and ever-changing needs of New Jersey residents. Using graphic elements to visually display the sheer number of New Jersey residents served by LSMNJ, and combining prominent calls-to-action to solicit volunteerism, donations, vocational opportunities and connectedness to activities of the organization, Solutions Advisors was able to design a website that focused squarely on the organization’s brand message of mission and service, with user-friendly, easy-to-navigate features to deliver information to a diverse audience.

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