Case Study

Repositioning Leads to Occupancy Improvement

For-profit Equity Independent Living Community | Fox Hill | Bethesda, Maryland

Located just outside Washington, DC, Fox Hill is a 240-unit condominium equity community renowned for its contemporary architecture, luxury amenities and focus on arts, culture and education. After a 15-month marketing hiatus during refinancing, Solutions Advisors was engaged to restart sales and marketing efforts in early 2013. At the time, Fox Hill was only 31% occupied/sold.

Solutions Advisors’ marketing and sales approach for relaunch was to educate the market on luxury condominium offerings and upscale amenities in a desirable market. Upon gaining traction and earning the trust of owners, Solutions Advisors refocused Fox Hill’s positioning to emphasize the community’s ‘inspired lifestyle’. Using the tagline ‘Live Inspired’, Solutions Advisors’ creative team developed a new campaign that included custom photography, revamped collateral materials and a fresh new website which was awarded Gold from the National Mature Media Awards. The result was a more authentic brand position highlighting the character and energy of the community with a focus on the diverse and distinguished profiles of residents with fascinating careers in science, arts, education and public service.

The community achieved 100% occupancy/sold by the end of 2018. Solutions Advisors continues to employ the sales team and provide strategic marketing and digital expertise, ensuring sustained resales and a healthy appreciation of condominium prices.

During the pandemic, Solutions Advisors and the Fox Hill sales and marketing team worked closely to continue selling condominiums. A few of the approaches which led to our continued success during a challenging time were new digital tactics and direct mail. Both helped bring in new potential buyers and move prospects in the database down the sales funnel. The initiatives also helped enhance our relationships long-term prospects we needed to keep engaged.









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