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5 Reasons Why Your Senior Living Website Needs a Pillar Page

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How many times a day do you ‘Google’ something? Search queries on the internet can get very detailed. That’s why search engines like Google and Yahoo frequently update their algorithms — to accommodate the way users search today. Recent Google changes brought the concept of pillar pages to the forefront of website content strategies.

A pillar page is a page on a website that covers a topic in great depth. One way to visualize pillar pages is to think of them as a book with several chapters. And the more detailed information you have within your book and its chapters, the more internal links you’ll be able to create on your website, which helps improve a visitor’s experience and can add a significant boost to SEO.

Pillar pages have an important role to play in attracting prospective residents, their influencers and members to senior living community websites. “Pillar content should be all-encompassing and authoritative about a particular topic, particularly topics that can provide a solution to an individual or individuals researching senior living,” Jeff Felton, Vice President, Digital Marketing Services for Solutions Advisors Group explained. “Content that solves a problem for the visitor and answers potential questions can become your more visited area on the website and ascend to the top of search results.”

For the senior living industry, pillar page development is an effective tool in the SEO toolbox that educates researchers about living options and can help to improve a website in Google’s rankings, which leads to higher visibility, more lead conversions and ultimately, more move-ins.

Considering utilizing pillar content?  That’s a smart decision…and here’s why:

  1. Pillar pages create a better user experience.
  2. Pillar pages help with site and search engine optimization.
  3. Pillar pages can help with your content calendar.
  4. Pillar pages let readers binge on content.
  5. Pillar pages add to your credibility.

With so much content online regarding any given topic, to ensure your website is favored by search engines, a detailed, well-written pillar page should be part of your senior living community’s content strategy.  If you would like help with your content strategy, contact Solutions Advisors Group today!